JUNE $236

J. Crew Brown Sandals $48
I LOVE these sandals. I tried a bunch of similar options and these were the winners. I wear them all the time, with everything. I feel like Jackie O. on holiday.

Nike Running Shorts $20
I’ve wanted these forever and couldn’t seem to allow myself to buy them. Why? Now I have them, run in them and am finally living my best cool-girls-track-team life.

Old Navy White Tank Top $7
I love this white tank and wear it so much. When it’s in the laundry, I long for it. Seroiusly perfect basic.

Old Navy White Crewneck Sweater $12
I get cold in the summer (?) so I love having this… just in case. It’s a soft and comfy cotton and I’ve gotten a ton of compliments on it so I feel validated for choosing it.

Old Navy Black Denim Skirt $30
@jillgg made me do it. This is something I didn’t think I needed as a summer basic, but apparently I did! It’s stretchy, casual but an upgrade from shorts.

L.L. Bean Dress $119
I bought this for a recent wedding. You have no idea how long I looked for something wedding-y (but made me look hot, but not hotter than the bride, but also age appropriate and not too dressy…arg!) but I love this and I think I’ll wear more than the once. It’s also a great example of my current style shift I’m calling, “New England Matron”