I’ve been on a quest.

I’ve been looking for the “perfect” pair of white sneakers. (Yet again I have been brain-washed by the blogeratti into thinking that I need a certain trend.) Not the kind you wear to workout, but the kind you wear all of your other waking moments.

Exhibit A, inside my sneaker-brain:

You don’t even want to know how many hours I spent researching all the options. And to make matters more confusing I asked my husband his opinion. An admitted sneakerhead, he had a very strong viewpoint and didn’t mind getting involved. Now I should mention, I have two pair of white sneakers: classic Converse and Adidas Superstars neither of which are “all white” and don’t quite have that “go-with-everything” style I’m looking for.

My current stable of sneaks:

I wear the Pumas a lot, my daughter has stolen the Chucks and I never wear the Superstars but my husband insists they’re really good and I must keep them. He has no opinion about clothes or fashion in general, this is the only thing he really cares about. Lol. He also pointed out that the New Balance options are in a different category as they are more of a running shoe than a “tennis” shoe. I’d agree, but I still like them a lot.

I had an exciting trip to Nordstrom Rack where I bought (and later returned) these Eccos as well as these New Balance. (With the NB, I needed to size down and they didn’t have them. Also, they were pink not white. But I did love them and may get them in the future.) While there, I tried on the Stan Smiths and decided they were too clunky. I haven’t tried on the Vejas but kind of love. The Jack Purcells, Tretorns and Supergas aren’t totally me but they are so iconic I thought I should consider them. Am I leaving anything out?

Anyway, this is getting long and boring… I finally made a decision, as you could probably guess. I ended up choosing the Nikes.

I think.