I went to Old Navy the other day to get tank tops. I have a black ribbed tank top and decided it was the best workout top and I should probably have it in a few more colors, or maybe all the colors. The next thing I knew, I was trying on a bunch of stuff and came home with a bagful of clothes just for me. Here’s what I got:

Wide Leg Chinos

Mid-Rise Wide-Leg Utility Chinos in Ochre to You

I’ve been considering this look forever. Everyone seems to be rocking’ the wide leg crop trend. The original is from Jesse Kamm, but you can get them at Everlane or Madewell. Their popularity doesn’t seem to be declining any time soon. My concern has always been that my ass would look enormous in them. And/or they would make my legs look short. (I’m 5’5″  and 135 lbs.) But, I thought I’d give it a go. I rarely ever buy pants at Old Navy and I wasn’t very happy to go from my usual 8 to a 10, but they feel really good and are fairly flattering. Okay, and god help me, here’s what they look like from the back:

The tee is Madewell and the heels are too, via Poshmark.

Next, I tried them with on with a sweatshirt and boots.

Pink Sweatshirt

Relaxed French Terry Sweatshirt in Blush on You

This might seem weird/ugly, but I’m loving it. I recently became obsessed with the combination of pink and mustard. I originally went looking for a pixie pant in yellow or pink but couldn’t find one that looked good on me. Also, I think I decided that the yellow has to be on the bottom and the pink on the top. Pink is better next to my face and not on my legs. The wrong pink pants can look like no pants!


Stripped Sheath Dress

Ponte-Knit Sheath Dress in Black White Stripe

This looked pretty good in the dressing room, but here it looks so matronly. What was I thinking? Maybe it would work if it were a little more fitted? I ended up returning it. Oh, and I should mention, it smelled horrible. I’m not sure why. Here’s the back:

Lastly, the whole reason I went…

Tank Top

First Layer Fitted Tank in Hunter Pines

I tried every color and I really only liked this olive green color. Sad since they were discounted if you bought three. They’re supposed to be fitted but I went up a size because I don’t need to emphasize my not-flat abs. I will wear it as a workout shirt but I styled it here with my new vintage-y jeans from H&M and those same ankle strap heels from Madewell.

That’s it. Not really a “bagful”, but I’m surprised how many good basics I’ve been finding at Old Navy.