I cannot figure out scarves. Which to choose. How to tie them. I really only wear them when I have to. I also get hung up on whether or not they go with my coat, and if they should coordinate with my hat and gloves. I feel like I’m failing here.

That being said, I have added two new scarves to my collection. (Which brings it to a grand total of eight.)


NEW: J. Jill Tasseled Scarf

This is the kind of scarf I always covet on other people. It seemed like a good pattern choice to offset solid colors and go with all my navy-black-white-gray clothes. It’s not what I would call a cold-weather scarf so I don’t know why I bought it now.


NEW: J. Jill Plaid Scarf

This scarf is big and soft and PLAID, which I love.


OLD: Red Cashmere Scarf

A gift from my mom. I would never pick red but starting to see how great it is because it stands out!


OLD: Gray Waffle-Knit Infinity Scarf

I’ll always be a little befuddled by the infinity scarf but I’m trying. This is a pretty all-purpose scarf, so I don’t know why I never wear it.


OLD: Gray Adidas Scarf

I bought this on a trip to Paris 12 years ago. Never wear.


OLD: J. Crew Multi Stripe Scarf

I love this scarf. It has navy, hot pink, chartreuse, white and gray stripes which are all the best (preppy) colors. Sadly, I damaged it when I removed the tag years ago. It’s my daughter’s favorite scarf to steal.


OLD: Polka Dot Cotton Jersey Scarf

I got this at my sister’s clothing store. It’s my go-to for taking on a plane — it feels like a security blanket.


OLD: Old Navy Sarong/Scarf

This is another summer scarf that I love but never seem to wear.


There they are: the complete collection of neglected scarves. Keep? Toss? Add to?? If you have any scarf-related advice for me, please comment below.