After my thorough clothing inventory of 2018, I have been very cautious of adding anything new. I was also very good this year and did not shop for clothes for myself before Christmas. Here are a few things I got as gifts that I made room for in my closet:

Gap Sweater in Navy

I already had a navy v-neck sweater but this one is different. It’s nubby and soft and stretchy and I knew it was a keeper when it was the first thing I pulled out of the pile to wear on Christmas day.

Gap Waffle Knit Sweater in Light Blue

I think this shrunk a little in the wash. It’s okay. It’s a good color and it’s comfy.

Gap Fair Isle Sweater

I am loving this more and more. I had zero fair isle sweaters, until now, which is criminal considering I’m Scottish.

Gap Factory Cardigan in Red

I wasn’t sure about this. I don’t usually wear red and it’s a bit cropped. But it’s pretty classic so I’m going to try to make it work.

J. Jill Sweater Dress in Black

This was on my wish list so I wasn’t surprised that I liked it. But… I have never owned anything from J. Jill and wouldn’t call myself a J. Jill person. I think it was recommended by another blogger but I can’t remember who! It’s lovely. With tights and clogs I am fully embracing my inner “Norwegian art teacher.” They run big. I’m wearing an XS where I usually wear a M.

That’s it! I was so happy to get some nice gifts this Christmas and sometimes it’s hard to keep a minimal closet when you have a generous family! I got a bunch of PJs and socks as well—not so fashionable but warm and cosy.