The Oversized Jean Jacket in Wortham Wash $128

I only bought one thing in August: a jean jacket. I’ve been wanting it for a while but didn’t want to pay full price. In the end I got talked into it. And I don’t regret it. I think a denim jacket is such a versatile piece and a good investment. I already had a denim jacket (an old one from H&M) but it is fitted and doesn’t have pockets. This oversized one really feels cozy and soft. I’m looking forward to layering sweaters under it when it gets colder. (Almost identical one from Nordstrom)

So, although I spent a lot, I only added one thing which makes me feel good. I strive for a minimal closet where I love everything I have and I wear everything I have. I have experimented with capsule wardrobes and participated in 10×10 challenges but mostly I just keep all my clothes in one place. Most things are hanging in a medium size closet, with underwear, socks, jeans, pjs and workout wear in a dresser. I don’t pack away off-season clothes. It works for me to see everything I have. I like the way it looks. It makes me happy and it makes it easy to get dressed. I rotate things out as needed. I did a huge Marie Kondo clean out of my clothes back in 2016 and I haven’t had to do it since.

I feel good about sticking to a budget and being very organized and minimal. I don’t feel good, however about the fact that I do contribute to an industry with a very dark secret. I recently worked up the courage to watch The True Cost and now I can’t un-know it. I have to make some changes. A cheap tee shirt from a fast fashion store is not truly cheap. Some of the imagery in the movie will haunt me forever. We just can’t keep causing so much harm, to other human beings and to the planet. It’s just not worth it. But with all social change the goal is not to wallow in guilt, but to make the small changes we can. You choose. It will make a difference. I think twice whether or not I need a new item. I look for it from a responsible company. I try to find it second hand. And I take good care of it! Then I find someone else who can use it after me. I am so grateful for the life and lifestyle I’ve been given.

What about you? How has your outlook on fashion consumption changed over the years?