I See You Patagonia

I See You Patagonia

I was born second. So I got the hand-me-downs. Even though my older sibling was a boy. Let's be honest, my parents were frugal. God, how I hate that word. My dad was a penny-pincher and my mom learned to be really good at shopping at yard sales. I didn't know my...

Where I Get My Jeans

Where I Get My Jeans

I recently went through all my jeans (and other pants) and ended up donating a few pairs that just weren't working for me. Among the pairs that were lovingly passed on to a new home were: the GAP black cropped jeans, the AG skinny jeans, the H&M boyfriend jeans,...

Book Roundup

Hi there! It's been a while since I talked about books. Here's a catalog of what I've read over the last year. I like to keep track and also give a bit of a list of suggestions for anyone looking for something new to read.Untamed by Glennon Doyle The most recent book...

I Love Track Pants

Thanks to this post by Lindsay Kubly I have now joined the Adidas track pants fan club (not an official organization). These pants. I have been wishing for them forever. I hesitated to get them because... uh, I thought I'd look ridiculous in them. Like my son's soccer...

My Favorite Shows of 2020 — Ranked

My Favorite Shows of 2020 — Ranked

I've been wanting to break down all my favorite shows from this year. I really watched a lot of "tv" in 2020, but I'm probably not alone in that. It's funny how you find a show you like and binge it, or sometimes try to make it last and then feel so lost when it's...

All About Sweaters

I keep seeing sweaters. I keep thinking I need sweaters. But what about all the sweaters I already have? It's very hard to change the way we think about clothing, about buying new things. All the new stuff is, well, new. And they're all just slightly different from...


My name is Leigh. I am a graphic designer and a photographer. I love minimalism, danish modern decor, clogs, books, and art of all kinds. I strive to live a healthy life and promote sustainability.


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