The Sustainability of Clogs

The Sustainability of Clogs

A follower once told me, "As long as you repair the soles before it wears through to the wood, and take good care of the leather, they will last forever." The fact that this person was Swedish just further...

Remember April?

It's been awhile. I haven't been blogging. I haven't been socializing. I haven't been a part of the world. So I thought I'd check in with you all. After much thought and reflection, I've come up with a vision for this platform, this blog. And that is this: just post...

My Newest Clogs

My Newest Clogs

#cloglife I finally ordered this pair of clogs, the Lotta from Stockholm "High Heel Classic Clog Tan" on March 11th and they arrived, all the way from Sweden, on March 21, so 10 days. (I might have checked the tracking number multiple times...) I have been pondering...

White Jeans Make Me Happy

White Jeans Make Me Happy

Well, I'm ticking through my to do list. "Write blog posts" is one item. It's something I never seem to get around to. I have a lot of time on my hands these days and you would think I would do it. But here's the thing, I don't get paid to do it. Also, there are...

I’m Still Making Myself Read Books

Actually, I like reading. But, you know, Netflix. And Instagram. And other mind-numbing activities. Reading seems like it's good for the brain and the soul. So here's what I've read since I last posted about books. To the Land of Long Lost Friends: No. 1 Ladies'...

Low Buy: My Rules and How I’ve Done So Far

I don't know exactly what day in January I officially committed to doing the "Low Buy Challenge" but here we are, one week into February and I feel like I've done well so far. In my last post I talked about why I was doing it, who inspired me, and what clothes I...


My name is Leigh. I am a graphic designer and a photographer. I love minimalism, danish modern decor, clogs, books, and art of all kinds. I strive to live a healthy life and promote sustainability.


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